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FNAF - Winds of Change
Do you feel it?
Like a breeze that cuts through your protective clothing, but it's not unpleasant...
The call to action, some would call it...
But I know it as the winds of Change.
Something is happening... A shake, a quake, a quiver. The chill down ones own spine...
I know you feel it... because I feel it too...
"I'm here for you, Foxy. You don't need to shut us all out." Bonnie spoke softly, leaning against the wall next to the Pirate's Cove.
There was no response. Not that this was any different from previous attempts, but Bonnie refused to give up hope. Day in and day out, Bonnie would try, but it was no use...
It had only been a few weeks ago that Foxy had been restored for all to see his act, if only for a brief period. They of course had hired a security guard to make sure Foxy stayed in the cove and no Kids went near him, but it had been a step...
Now the word was out: Management wanted to shut them down till someone with more funds to keep the place running would step up. But
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A little slice of Freedom...
They say that viewing into another's eyes is like looking through a gateway into their soul. They say you can tell a man's intentions, their perspectives, and the type of man that they are, just from gazing into them long enough...
I wouldn't know. I wish I did. But from my experience, the eyes are the source where I see the most emotion. Most of one emotion in particular... Fear. I know what drives this fear. I know what they fear. But I don't know why they fear it... I have never known...
Bonnie sits against the backstage wall, holding a small drawing a child had handed to him before the facility closed for the day. He stared at it, and he noticed that the child had drawn him with black eyes. No color in them but black. He didn't understand why, but he felt that this was one of many sources of concern amongst the children's parents. Among other things...
Sighing, Bonnie grabbed a small strip of tape from a tape dispenser that he had brought over, and stuck it to the wall. He looked a
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Classic-Bonnie's Profile Picture
Bonnie the Bunny
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello, I am Bonnie the Bunny!
This is my FNAF Account, if you want to see my general art page, go to :icontechmarine-reylen:

My Description:
Bonnie is a lavender rabbit animatronic, with maroon eyes. He has articulated ears that can bend forward and wears a red bow tie. Onstage, he carries an orange guitar.

Excluding his head, the majority of Bonnie's body appears identical to Freddy's, apart from the latter's color. This version of Bonnie, like most of the animatronics in the first game, seems to have no teeth on his upper jaw.

♥ = Love/Relationship/Potential Love

*Still working on the Key...

Relationship With the Other Animatronics:
:iconfoxythepiratesfox: :iconfoxypiratecove:Foxy - Close Friend
:iconfoxythepiratesfox: Kage - Neutral
Chica - Friend
Freddy - Loose Friend
Golden Freddy - Dislike
:icontoy-bonbon: Bon Bon - Close Friend
:iconultrametamaster64: Mangle (AKA Foxxi} - Close Friend ♥
Toy Chica - Neutral
Toy Freddy - Dislike
Balloon Boy - Dislike
Marionette - Friend
Random Endoskeleton - Neutral

Freddy's Staff Relationships
:iconfoxypiratecove: Mike Schmidt - Close Friend
Jeremy Fitzgerald - Neutral
Fritz Smith - Dislike

OC Relationships
:iconaceit12: Ace - Close Friend
Troy - Close Friend
Miss Night - Close Friend
Miss Ace - Close Friend ♥
:iconmissluckychan29: Lucielle - Close Friend
:icontechmarine-reylen: Reylen - Close Friend
Coy - Friend
:icontoothybreadstick: Daisy - Friend
Maisy - Close Friend ♥♥♥ (Ship it!}
Gabe - Dislike
:iconbrandonbunny75: Brandon - Friend
:iconloveforthechipmunks: Snow - Friend
:icontailorofart: Song - Friend
Gem - Friend
:iconthefoxnamedhyde: Hyde - Friend
:iconkaiogiri: Bonlee - Close Family (Daughter in Fact}
:icondark-side-of: Myinx - Friend ♥
:iconmissdarkraven: Rava - Neutral
:iconalice-smith: Alice - Friend
:iconvelkan-de-wolfe: Tyler Van Suan - Friend
:iconventtheredbunny1918: Vent - Friend
:iconkuranaminamino: Cheshire - Close Friend
:iconfnaf-clarison: Clarison - Neutral (Not even sure on this one)
*Ask to be added to this Friend Roster. You'll probably be neutral until we do something together, AKA Roleplaying and the Like. And yes, I know, I'm the slowest bastard around.


((Been quite awhile since I've been up here, but recently got something pretty cool. Uploaded a picture on my main, so there it is :) ))
Clears dust and cobwebs from page.
"Phew, what a mess! I need to come in more often."
(Ahem... I saw this image... and I couldn't help but ship it. Probably because the image is so damn adorable.}
SpringTrap x Bonnie by BlazeMizu

Art by :iconblazemizu:


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